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Digital Twin of Logistics Processes
AI / OR solution for highly efficient scenarios
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Our raison

To create the best data-driven business solutions to positively transform the critical processes of all types of organizations.

Investing and working to be an European reference company in the field of data-driven business intelligence.

Our values, the driving force for this challenge.


"In God we trust. All others must bring data"

W. Edwards Deming
Sioux City, Iowa, 1900 - Washington D.C, 1993

"In God we trust. All others must bring data"

W. Edwards Deming
Sioux City, Iowa, 1900 - Washington D.C, 1993

Data – both internal and external – related to any business process can provide us with a wealth of valuable information for business decision making, which translates into significant competitive advantage.

With the right technologies it is possible to create behavioral models to analyze high-volume and complex data to provide very accurate and fast results without human intervention.

Artificial Intelligence offers us this new paradigm: it allows us to safely process and analyze large volumes of complex data from different sources that hide patterns of very high business value.

We need to make data-driven decisions.

A correct and reasonably valid definition of Artificial Intelligence could be the one that tells us that “they are systems or machines that mimic human intelligence to perform tasks and assist in decision making, and can iteratively improve from the information they collect, learning from the behavior of the data”.

However, at OGA we like much more the transformative power from the definition made a few years ago by Andrew Ng (1976, Pinyin), Professor of Computer Science and Director of the AI Lab at Stanford University (US), co-founder of Coursera and global reference in the field: “AI is the new electricity”. We couldn’t agree more.

The OGA team has been helping large enterprises and public organizations for years to explore, analyze, conceptualize, design, develop and deploy AI solutions that enable them to extract the transformative potential of their own data.

We’d love to hear more from your organization to co-create that new future.

At OGA we take advantage of the full potential of operations research to accompany you in creating the future of your organization.

A diverse team of professionals specialized in software development, infrastructure design and management and data analysis, with a strong specialization in the latest process optimization techniques.

We are creating digital solutions that are transforming our customers:

Operations research is a discipline of mathematics that deals with the application of advanced analytical methods to help make better decisions in our organizations. We consider ourselves experts in very few things, but this is certainly one of them…

Under the paradigm of the Digital Twin, , and based on our own algorithms of maximum robustness and flexibility, we develop solutions that offer our clients the possibility of extracting all the business value that this disruptive model offers:

  • Automation and Optimization of our critical business processes.
  • Simulation and Analysis of complex operational scenarios.

We’d love to hear about your challenges and turn them into ours.


  • Professionals in Artificial Intelligence and Operations Research,in the practical application, on real scenarios of high complexity, of the state of the art in process optimization techniques.
  • Passionate about solving complex problems and providing maximum business value from the application of these capabilities.
  • Hyper-personalization: no two businesses are the same, no two operations are the same. The flexibility to capture and model the differences allows us to maximize the value provided.
  • Extensive record of high-value projects for large national and international companies with high demand.
  • In permanent contact and collaboration with the most prestigious research groups in Data Science and Operations Research of several national universities..
  • Differential values: expert knowledge, innovation and constant investment in scientific-technical updating, flexibility, agility and adaptability.