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Digital Twin of
Stock and Sales Processes

Automated optimization of stock management

The problem

Optimized stock management in stores and warehouses is closely related to demand forecasting, speed in the supply-production and supply chain.

The problem of not analyzing historical data to predict sales and make decisions about the maximum and minimum values that we want to have for each reference either in the central warehouse or in each of our points of sale can end up in a breakage of stock, loss of sales, impoverishment of the service levels that we offer to our customers and, of course, in our final accounts.

The opportunity

Thanks to the advancement of technology and Artificial Intelligence techniques (Machine and Deep Learning), there is an opportunity to leverage historical data to predict sales (daily, weekly, monthly…) in our business.

This helps us to optimize our production chain and/or orders to suppliers, to anticipate the future, to detect changes in trends or other types of patterns, to make better decisions, to minimize reverse and cross logistics between stores and, ultimately, to be more efficient.

What is oga.Retail?

oga.Retail is a technological solution or digital twin of the sales and procurement processes that helps all types of companies and organizations to optimize stock, to automate the core processes of organizations (minimizing the dependence on human expertise) and to simulate possible operations in different scenarios with different boundary conditions.

oga.Retail uses powerful Machine Learning algorithms (time series, trees, random forest, SVM, regression, neural networks, ensembles…) to make demand predictions with the necessary granularity.

Business value

With oga.Retail we will be able to take proper advantage of it, avoid losing sales without the need to oversize the stock, reduce expenses and operating costs, improve the level of service and attention to our customers, reduce delivery and shipping times of products and, ultimately, reduce the cost associated with these processes.

Why oga.Retail?

Profesionales en Inteligencia Artificial y en Investigación Operativa, en la aplicación práctica, sobre escenarios reales de alta complejidad, del estado del arte en las técnicas de optimización de procesos.

Expertos en la logística del transporte, con un elevado registro de proyectos en organizaciones de transporte y distribución.

Apasionados por resolver problemas operativos complejos y aportar el máximo valor de negocio a organizaciones logísticas desde la aplicación de estas capacidades.

Hiperpersonalización: no hay dos negocios iguales, ni dos operativas iguales. La flexibilidad de capturar y modelar las diferencias nos permite maximizar el valor aportado.

Amplio registro de proyectos de alto valor para grandes empresas nacionales e internacionales de alta demanda.

Valores diferenciales: conocimiento experto, innovación e inversión constante en actualización científico-técnica, flexibilidad, agilidad y adaptabilidad.

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If you identify inefficiencies or points of improvement in the planning or execution of your stock operations and you need the best tool to transform your business by exploiting the full value of your own data, oga.Retail is an important part of your solution.