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Data Driven Solutions

We create the best data-driven business solutions to positively transform our clients’ critical processes…

Under the paradigm of the Digital Twin of critical business processes, and always with the vision of providing a differential value to the client -from the combination of Automation, Optimization and Simulation capabilities-, the OGA business solutions are born.

Solutions that offer a new management model based on data, in which Artificial Intelligence and Operational Research confirm their transformational capacity, challenging our processes and proposing new ways of growth and construction of competitive advantage.

Digital Twin of logistics processes.

Savings, efficiency, operational control and sustainability in transportation and distribution organizations.

Optimisation of the manufacturing process.

Artificial Intelligence / Operations research solution for highly efficient scenarios

Digital Twin of stock and sales processes

Automated optimization of stock management

Reverse engineering of chemical formulations

Precision and reduction of processing times in complex formulation processes.

Digital twin of
resource management processes.

Business critical resource management automation and optimization.

Share with us your expectations or ambitions and we will help you to realize them in a feasible way.