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At OGA we are passionate about data, because it has so much to tell us.

We love listening to it, understanding it, translating it, and turning it into value.

It is a really exciting process.

After years of experience in this field of expertise, we continue to be amazed by the potential that data has to transform processes, businesses and organizations, and – as specialists in AI – we want to accompany you in building that future

It offers us a new paradigm to accelerate and improve our day-to-day decision-making processes, from a huge data processing capacity that will allow us to identify patterns or anomalies, classify or segment relevant events or entities, predict behaviors or values… In short, it allows us to anticipate and exponentially improve our way of managing and deciding. A new future

After years of building this value for private and public organizations in very diverse processes, we have the team, the experience and the method to provide maximum reliability on such a complex process, up to the extraction of the maximum business value from each specific scenario:

Strategy Phase

  • Understand the business needs, objectives and/or pains.
  • o Define and validate the problem in the context of Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning / Deep Learning).

Analysis and Development Phase

  • Identification of all relevant internal data sources.
  • Extraction, transformation and integration of internal data.
  • Obtaining the historical dataset.
  • Data pre-processing, preparation, visualization and preliminary analysis of the dataset.
  • Variables engineering.
  • Training and validation dataset splitting.
  • Model training and hyperparameter tuning.
  • Accuracy evaluation and metrics.
  • Error analysis.

Operation Phase

  • Deployment in production.
  • Construction of input/output processes.
  • Integration
  • Model retraining.
  • Accuracy monitoring

From the application of different AI techniques and the development of associated solutions, we provide a differential value in scenarios such as:

  • Demand forecasting in retail, health, network traffic, energy.
  • Dynamic pricing.
  • Artificial vision to support medical diagnosis or non-conformities in quality management.
  • Prediction of risk or sales propensity.
  • Segmented marketing.
  • Sentiment analysis and Natural Language Processing.
  • Productivity prediction in agri-food campaigns.
  • Optimization of complex manufacturing processes.
  • Prediction of consumption of critical supplies in industrial processes.
  • Identification of patterns, correlations or anomalies.

What capabilities we work with

  • Supervised or unsupervised algorithms.
  • Time series: Bayesian interference, Media-based, lineal trends, ARMA (Autoregressive Moving Average), VAR (Vector Autoregression), SARIMA (Seasonal Autoregressive Integrated Moving-Average) and ARIMA (Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average).
  • Regression and classification algorithms – Machine Learning: clustering, anomaly detection, association discovery (Decision Tree, SVM, Random Forest, Logistic and Lineal Regression, Clustering, etc.).
  • Deep Learning:(Feedforward Neural Networks, Convolutional Neural Networks, Recurrent Neural Networks, LSTM, ANN, etc.).

AI Factory:

outsourced innovation service based on Artificial Intelligence.

Our AI Factory strategy puts at your disposal all the capabilities of our team specialized in the development of Artificial Intelligence projects from their earliest stages.

We accompany you in the identification and prioritization of use cases, in the construction of proofs of concept and in the iterative generation of business value from the rapid prototyping of models, their feasibility analysis and the joint exploration of all the transformative potential that AI offers to all sectors and scenarios.

We are helping large companies to transform the way they approach critical business processes, to generate value from their data and to build a differential competitive advantage.

Share with us your expectations or ambitions and we will help you to realize them in a feasible way.