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Automation of
complex chemical formulations

Precision and reduction of processing times in complex formulation processes.

The problem

The low accuracy in the resolution of formulation processes.

The high rate of ‘trial and error’ assumed in formulation processes.

The inefficiency of resources and capacities generated daily in these processes and the impact on operational profitability derived from such inefficiency.

The extreme difficulty of handling ranges in this type of processing and obtaining a range of plausible results in the face of uncertainty in the composition or exact properties of the raw materials provided by the business.

The opportunity

Automation and optimization of the formulation process of a material or product from extensive databases of given raw materials.

Innovation and improvement in the manufacturing process of new products.

Time and operating cost reduction in formulation processing, minimizing ‘trial-and-error’ testing.

Agile replication of existing products by obtaining detailed information on competing products, product brands, detecting the different combinations of raw material composition.

The possibility of hybridising the power of Operations Research with Artificial Intelligence to identify the critical variables of our processes, their correlations, establish their weights in the process and build high-impact models already tested in the market.

To achieve, thanks to our technology and the management of our expert teams, significant energy and input savings, while reducing our carbon footprint in the quest for a sustainable factory 4.0.

What is oga.Alchemy?

Formulation modeling, automation and optimization software platform, developed by experts in Operations Research, that offers a fast, accurate and powerful solution.


From the exact breakdown composition of a product or material, obtained by standard quantitative analytical methods, or given as the target composition of the business…


Taking into consideration the different tolerances admitted for each component of each raw material included in the catalog, or reference database…


Delivering the optimal proportion and combination of raw materials to meet the desired initial composition, taking into account all the criteria of component categories, costs, and material typologies defined by the business.

B2V SaaS solution (no investment in hardware or software, subscription-based licensing model), with the highest levels of compliance and technological security.

Designed to generate cost savings, agility and operational efficiency in laboratories and organizations with complex formulation processes.

Hyper-customization to the client’s specific operating model: we integrate all the entities and project and analytical structure specific to their operation. Unlimited adaptability, flexibility and scalability, by design.

Integrable with information systems (ERP, LIMS, etc.).

Business value

oga.Alchemy provides increased accuracy and reduced processing times in processes of complex formulations, providing:

  • Full automation of iterative formulation processes reducing processing times to minutes.
  • Cost reduction in terms of resources associated with these processes.
  • Quality assurance in the results, based on the criteria established by the business.
  • Application of the calibration corrections of the quantification equipment.
  • Guarantee of having a traceable record of all data.
  • Comparison of existing products or materials on the market and introduction of improvements over the competition.
  • Optimized allocation of raw material proportions for the formulation of target products or materials, based on compatibilities, costs and availability of each one of them, marked by the business.

oga.Alchemy Use Cases

Chemical, cosmetic, food, pharmaceutical and other markets require a constant flow of new products. The cost and speed of experimentation and commercialization are key to:

Laboratories researching or producing products to support these markets.

The chemical industry, which requires a wide variety of chemical products with diverse properties, such as oils, lacquers, paints, etc.

The perfume and cosmetics industry, whose products are delicate combinations of many fragrances, essential oils, etc., which require a combination and exact proportions of raw materials for the desired objectives.

The food industry, whose needs and changing market demands force the development of new products with different organoleptic properties.

The generic drug market, which requires rapid product development based on the formulation of critical components (excipients and active ingredients).


If you identify possible inefficiencies or operational improvement points in your formulation processes and you need the best tool to challenge your production and really transform your business, oga.Alchemy is part of the solution.