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The best technology, the best ideas, the most ambitious goals are nothing without people.

Our values tell us that people come first.

Our team is made up of an incredible and diverse group of talented people, with a passion for technology, for Artificial Intelligence and for Optimization.

Professionals with great experience and references in their areas of expertise, but always tireless and passionate about what we do, in perfect harmony with exceptionally talented and promising young people who undoubtedly set the pace, take risks, inspire and make up an exceptional team.

A team with attitude, with clear ideas when it comes to choosing and assessing the business project to which they want to contribute their energy, commitment, and creativity.

And with the firm intention of generating a positive impact on our clients and society with their skills and contributions.

We would love to meet you and put all this talent to work on your ideas or projects, your product or your organization’s goals.

Humble as individuals, proud as a team.

Juanma Pruaño oga

Juan Manuel Pruaño

Senior Data Scientist
María José Silva oga

María José Silva

Data Scientist / Analyst
Juan Carlos Rubio Director oga

Juan Carlos Rubio

Jonathan Romero oga

Jonathan Romero

Senior Software Developer
Alieksai Kandratsenka oga

Aliaksei Kandratsenka

Data Scientist / Analyst
Julia Fernandez oga

Julia Fernández

Alfredo García oga

Alfredo García

Senior Optimization Consultant
Rubén Morente oga

Rubén Morante

Optimization Consultant
José Luis Tovaruela oga

José Luis Tovaruela

Business Development
Ana Pérez oga

Ana Pérez

Functional Analyst
Arturo López-Damas oga

Arturo López-Damas

Optimization Consultant
Francisco García oga

Francisco García

Project Manager
Carlos Cayeiro oga

Carlos Cayeiro

Software Developer
Ignacio Moya oga

Ignacio Moya

Senior Optimization Consultant
Ana Dolores López oga

Ana Dolores López

Senior Optimization Consultant
Luis Couso oga

Luis Couso

Software Developer / Analyst
Jesús Gómez Vargas oga

Jesús Gómez

DevOps Manager
Sergio López oga

Sergio López

Cloud Engineer
Sebastián Pittari

Sebastián Pittari

Project Manager
Rafael Moret oga

Rafael Moret

Data Scientist / Analyst
Luis Castilla oga

Luis Castilla

Project Manager
Francisco José Pavón oga

Francisco José Pavón

Sap Technology Senior Consultant
Eva Angulo oga

Eva Angulo

Alex Giulietti oga

Alex Giulietti

Senior Data Scientist
Jorge Sánchez oga

Jorge Sánchez

SAP Technical Consultant
Álvaro Ortiz Ardoy oga

Álvaro Ortiz

Infrastructure Technician
Herminia Castilla López oga

Herminia Castilla

Software Developer
Gregorio Carazo oga

Gregorio Carazo

Senior Supply Chain Consultant
José Manuel Pérez oga

José Manuel Pérez

SAP Technical Consultant
Javier Rubio oga

Javier Rubio

Service Delivery
Justo Nombela oga

Justo Nombela

Project Manager

Miguel Carreño

Software Developer
Manuel Miranda oga

Manuel Miranda

Antonio Mayayo oga

Antonio Mayayo

Pablo Díaz oga

Pablo Díaz

Backoffice Assistant