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Optimisation of the
manufacturing process

AI / OR solution for highly efficient scenarios

The problem

The growing complexity of the operational management of manufacturing processes in a context of maximum global competitiveness and dynamism, in a scenario aggravated by the increase in energy costs and market inertia.

The difficulty in analysing and extracting business value from the data that these processes generate through sensor technology and the increasingly mature IoT strategies in industrial environments, slowing down or preventing agile strategic decision-making with the necessary certainty.

The need to maximise the efficiency and profitability of all operational processes and to build differential competitive value in the market.

The opportunity

Modelling the entire production process, including all the operational complexity and specificity of each scenario, entities, measured variables, restrictions, etc., applying the state of the art in data science, hybridising Artificial Intelligence techniques with Operations Research.

Extract, from the analytical capacity of our solution, all the relevant information for the business that will allow us to transform the way in which we design, manage and execute the manufacturing process.

Generate significant cost savings and increases in operational efficiency. Obtain accurate and detailed information on the various correlations that impact our production. Enable data-driven decision making.

The possibility of experimenting with efficiency scenarios thanks to our solution without interfering with day-to-day operations and to do so in parallel with current production approaches.

The possibility of hybridising the power of Operations Research with Artificial Intelligence to identify the critical variables of our processes, their correlations, establish their weights in the process and build high-impact models already tested in the market.

To achieve, thanks to our technology and the management of our expert teams, significant energy and input savings, while reducing our carbon footprint in the quest for a sustainable factory 4.0.

What is oga.Factory?

Software platform for modelling and optimising complex manufacturing processes, designed to generate cost savings, operational efficiency and comprehensive control and visibility of manufacturing industries.

B2B SaaS solution (no investment in hardware or software, subscription-based licensing model), with the highest levels of compliance and technological security.

Business value

oga.Factory provides operational and directly applicable solutions to common and complex objectives in the manufacturing industry such as the reduction of inputs (working hours, machinery, materials), supplies (energy, raw materials, etc.), reduction of waste in the production process, or the optimisation of the efficiency of a specific sub-process, establishing a framework that combines Artificial Intelligence models and optimisation algorithms in a hyper-customised way for each business scenario.

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oga.Factory Deployment Scenarios


Food and beverages



Textile industry

Paper industry


Business value

Electrical energy savings

Waste reduction

Optimisation of critical sub-processes

Savings in supplies and raw materials

Reduction of non-conformities

Why oga.Factory?

Profesionales en Inteligencia Artificial y en Investigación Operativa, en la aplicación práctica, sobre escenarios reales de alta complejidad, del estado del arte en las técnicas de optimización de procesos.

Expertos en la logística del transporte, con un elevado registro de proyectos en organizaciones de transporte y distribución.

Apasionados por resolver problemas operativos complejos y aportar el máximo valor de negocio a organizaciones logísticas desde la aplicación de estas capacidades.

Hiperpersonalización: no hay dos negocios iguales, ni dos operativas iguales. La flexibilidad de capturar y modelar las diferencias nos permite maximizar el valor aportado.

Amplio registro de proyectos de alto valor para grandes empresas nacionales e internacionales de alta demanda.

Valores diferenciales: conocimiento experto, innovación e inversión constante en actualización científico-técnica, flexibilidad, agilidad y adaptabilidad.

Logo oga.Factory

If you identify potential inefficiencies or operational improvement points in your manufacturing processes and need the best tool to challenge your production and truly transform your business by exploiting the full value of your own data, oga.Factory is part of the solution.