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Digital twin of
resource management processes

Business critical resource management automation and optimization

The problem

The complexity of managing the scarcest resource we have, time, whether of people (operators, drivers…) or machines, generates enormous inefficiencies in their schedules or quadrants, increases the degree of employee dissatisfaction, important operational restrictions are not met and, in short, greater profitability is not achieved with the resources we have available.

The opportunity

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence (Machine and Deep Learning) and especially powerful optimization algorithms, there is an opportunity to take advantage of optimized automation of one of the most complex processes in our organizations: the assignment of people/machines to tasks and the best use of our scarce resources.

This helps us to optimize our workforce, to avoid creating inefficient schedules, to respect breaks and maximum workloads, to improve the profitability of the operation, to satisfy more demand with the same resources and to make better decisions.

What is MathIT.Scheduler?

MathIT.Scheduler is a digital twin of our human and material resource management processes that helps all types of organizations to automate complex scheduling processes (minimizing dependence on human expertise), improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of these resources, and even simulate other scenarios by changing the problem boundary conditions.

MathIT.Scheduler is powered by powerful optimization algorithms (metaheuristics) for scheduling and timetabling problems.

Business value

With MathIT.Scheduler we will be able to generate efficient and optimal quadrant-schedule-assignments in minutes, manage thousands of employees or machines, increase the level of satisfaction of workers and customers, reduce operating costs, maximize the profitability of the operation, and minimize the risks associated with these critical processes.

Why MathIT.Scheduler?







oga MathIT.Scheduler

If you identify inefficiencies or points of improvement in scheduling and timetabling, and you need the best tool to really transform your business by exploiting the full value of your own data, MathIT.Scheduler is an important part of your solution.