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OGA reflects on artificial intelligence at the IV Economic Forum by El Español in Andalusia

13 March 2024

Juan Carlos Rubio, CEO of OGA, speaks on the second day of the IV Economic Forum by El Español in Andalusia, highlighting the importance of public-private co-investment in artificial intelligence (AI).

OGA, an expert company in technological solutions to improve the efficiency of complex processes in public and private entities based on the development and application of artificial intelligence and operational research models, IV Economic Forum by El Español in Andalusia, organized by El Español and Invertia at the headquarters of the Cajasol Foundation in Seville.

The event featured a program of presentations and interviews with representatives of public institutions, as well as private sector leaders in healthcare, tourism, technology, training and entrepreneurship, among others. Within this context, Juan Carlos Rubio, CEO of OGA, led a conversation on artificial intelligence on Wednesday, March 13, moderated by Eduardo Ortega Socorro, editor-in-chief of El EspañolInvertia.

OGA, working on artificial intelligence solutions for public health and defense administrations

One of the highlights of OGA’s talk was the growing interest of the public sector in AI-based solutions. Specifically, for LLM (Large Language Model) models, within the field of neural networks and Deep Learning.

In this regard, Juan Carlos Rubio commented on how OGA is already working with public institutions in several areas. On the one hand, in the healthcare sector, providing predictive models for hospital readmissions, reducing costs and improving healthcare capacity. And, on the other, in defense, where there is a high demand for artificial intelligence tools.

Regarding the involvement of the public administration in AI, the CEO of OGA emphasized the need for co-investment in projects by public and private entities. Above all, Juan Carlos Rubio stressed the importance of investing in training and regulation so that Spain continues to make good progress in the technological and digital field.

In addition, he mentioned OGA‘s results with its private sector clients, who are achieving significant cost savings thanks to OGA’s solutions based on artificial intelligence and process optimization.

Specifically, it was mentioned how the software developed by OGA allows large steel companies to reduce their electricity bills by more than 3%, as well as to reduce costs by between 4% and 7% for customers in the logistics sector.

Limits in AI, “very necessary” at regulatory and ethical level, according to Juan Carlos Rubio, CEO of OGA

The European Regulation on Artificial Intelligence was also a key topic of conversation at this session, part of the IV Economic Forum by El Español in Andalusia. Juan Carlos Rubio emphasized that it is “a very necessary reference framework”.

Specifically, the CEO of OGA focused that in this regulation, the data (raw material of AI tools) “belongs to the citizen”. He also emphasized the importance of setting the limits in AI in terms of regulatory and ethical aspects, always allowing the progress of its technological possibilities.

To close the conversation, Eduardo Ortega Socorro asked Juan Carlos Rubio about the keys to the success of digitalization and artificial intelligence in Spain in the next decade. The answer: training to have skilled and capable AI professionals in the market, public-private co-investment, and managerial awareness of the transformational capacity of artificial intelligence solutions.

We would like to thank El Español e Invertia for having our company for this event once again this year. As was the case in the III Economic Forum by El Español in Andalusia, we would like to highlight the value added for the Andalusian business network by holding conferences of this level, where knowledge can be shared with people, institutions and projects of reference.



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