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Administration Module

Data master

From the management of Data Masters, we can easily, quickly and efficiently maintain and update all the necessary data on Nodes, Fleet, Costs and Materials.

From the oga.Logistics interface we can register new nodes, delete or suspend existing nodes, or edit any of their properties and attributes, whether they are Suppliers, Factories, Warehouses, Distributors, Delegations, Auxiliary Centers, or Final Customers (points of interest), as well as loading and unloading areas, overnight locations, rest areas, and mirror points where trailer interchanges take place.

Among the properties that can be maintained are, in addition to their descriptions, address and geolocation data, service schedules or Time-Window (even more than one TW per day), average demands (for static routes), or static assignments with a specific vehicle.

oga.Logistics works with both homogeneous and heterogeneous fleets, so it supports vehicles with different characteristics (space configuration, capacities, load modes, single or multi-temperature, transport of dangerous goods – ADR, etc). It also allows the management of different types of vehicles, depending on whether they are trucks, vans, with tractor and semi-trailer or as road trains.

Either in-house and/or outsourced. oga.Logistics supports different fleet sizes for each day of the week, regardless of their possible heterogeneity, proposing if required the optimal outsourcing of additional vehicles, indicating which specific types of vehicles among those registered, and indicating which specific orders should be performed with those vehicles.

We will be able to add, delete, suspend or modify all the entities associated to the fleet and their attributes, from the vehicle typology (capacities, configuration, temperature) to the different transport/distribution providers we work with, their cost structures, the specific vehicles they have available, etc.

We will be able to record, control and edit the fixed and variable cost structure associated with our operations, as well as the cost function associated with our suppliers.

oga.Logistics allows the maintenance of typology, weight, volume, dimensions and stock. The parameterized load units will be the basis for the capacity definition of each vehicle typology (space, weight, stacking, load combination, etc.).


oga.Logistics offers us a secure and rigorous control of user access, through roles and authorizations, with specific permissions differentiated to control the possibility of accessing the data visualization, the execution of planning on demand, or the modification of parameters according to different and flexible levels of authorizations, to be customized according to the needs of the organization on the users that require it.

Roles and authorizations can be applied in oga.Logistics to different areas of the organization (headquarters, geographical areas, countries, regions, etc.) to ensure maximum access control and mapping to the organizational chart in each case, delegating to certain users or groups of users each function based on their responsibility.


Logging of activity histories by user, providing full visibility and control towards the security and traceability of operation planning management and all associated functionalities and data.


All internal processes and sub-processes of the solution will be recorded in our log system, for each component and for each of the executions. We will be able to quickly and effectively access, in the event of any incident or need, the lowest level of information available for each sub-process, offering an extremely high and efficient level of support, crucial in critical business processes that must be permanently available with total reliability.

Personalized Frontend

We will have a complete level of customization of the web graphical interface to our corporate identity, and to the semantics of our entities and our operation. Additionally, oga.Logistics contemplates the possibility of publishing each instance in Spanish, English and German.