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OGA receives the visit of Rocío Blanco, Councilor for Employment, Enterprise and Self-Employment of the Regional Government of Andalusia

7 February 2024

OGA, an example of how innovation and investment in technology contribute to economic development and job creation in Andalusia

Rocío Blanco, Councilor for Employment, Enterprise and Self-Employment of the Andalusian Regional Government, visited OGA‘s office in Seville on Wednesday, February 7, motivated by the company’s value as an Andalusian benchmark in digital transformation and technological innovation, inaugurating the recent expansion of its offices as part of the company’s growth plan.

OGA, a specialist in artificial intelligence, operations research and the hybridization of both techniques, bases its value contribution on the development of digital twins that enable the disruptive optimization of critical business processes in sectors such as industrial, retail, logistics and defense.

Based in Seville, OGA is a collaborating partner, among others, of CESUR (Southern Spain Business Association), and of the Andalusia Aerospace Cluster – forming part of the Space and Innovation Committee; as well as of APD Association for the Progress of Management) and Club Cámara, of the Chamber of Commerce of Seville.

It is also noteworthy for its strong commitment to work-life balance, reflected in its certification as a family-responsible entity – efr – by the Másfamilia Foundation, as well as to society and the progress of Andalusia, recently recognized with the Digital Transformation Award at the 6th edition of the Andalucía Capital 2023 Awards, organized by Onda Cero.

During her visit to OGA’s headquarters, the Counselor had the opportunity to learn about the company’s value proposition through its projects and solutions, the efr management model based on family conciliation, diversity and equal opportunities, as well as the clear commitment to technology and knowledge transfer between academia and business, through the creation of the Grupo CÁTEDRA, its Technological Advisory Board, made up of 13 professors and researchers of high international level in data-based technological solutions.

Rocío Blanco, after seeing first hand the work carried out from OGA, explained how vocational training for employment is helping many professionals to find work in companies that demand technological profiles. In this sense, Blanco has referred to some ICT specialties of which are already being taught free courses of the Junta de Andalucía, such as AI, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity and development environments in 5G.

Also, the Councilor for Employment has informed the company about the new program of incentives for stable employment, which will have just over 145 million euros. Blanco detailed that the next call for aid will include a specific line to support the permanent hiring of people under 29 years of age by the self-employed and SMEs. This incentive will be retroactive, so that it will benefit all contracts formalized as from March 1st of this year.

Juan Carlos Rubio, CEO of OGA, and Julia Fernandez, Controller, welcoming Rocío Blanco at OGA.
Juan Carlos Rubio, CEO of OGA, and Julia Fernandez, Controller, welcoming Rocío Blanco at OGA.

OGA, family-friendly company (efr) since 2015

During the meeting held with Rocío Blanco, OGA presented the efr management model based on people, in which the company is certified with the Excellent level by the Másfamilia Foundation, being one of the 41 companies globally recognized with this maximum qualification.

As a company committed to work-life balance, the wellbeing of its team and the promotion of talent, the company highlighted the increase – by more than 130% – of its workforce since 2020. OGA currently has a team of more than 60 professionals, including mathematicians, statisticians, data scientists and experts in software development and integration, with the forecast to continue growing by around 20% during 2024.

OGA team during the visit of Rocío Blanco, Councilor of Employment, Enterprise and Self-Employment
OGA team during the visit of Rocío Blanco, Councilor of Employment, Enterprise and Self-Employment

Knowledge transfer and talent development

OGA, , promoter of an effective connection between academia and business through its Technology Advisory Board, the CÁTEDRA Group , presented to Rocío Blanco this strategic axis that allows the company to position itself at the forefront of innovation, foster the transfer of knowledge between both parties, as well as promote the generation of talent.

In this regard, OGA‘s ability to strengthen ties between the private sector and higher education institutions was highlighted, recognizing this positive impact on the training of highly skilled professionals and on the promotion of research and development in Andalusia.

It was also an honor for OGA tto share with the Councilor the recent award, together with the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, of the URJC-OGA Chair in Artificial Intelligence and Sustainable Development, granted by the Ministry for Digital Transformation and Public Administration.

This initiative, which will address real industry problems associated with the challenges posed in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) using artificial intelligence (AI) techniques over a period of 4 years, will have a significant impact on the ability to develop innovative technology and high impact on the Sustainable Development Goals from its application in industry, as well as in the promotion and retention of specialized talent in the region, essential in economic and social development.

The OGA team would like to thank Rocío Blanco for her visit and her confidence that the sum of innovation, technology and talent are decisive for sustainable development. We will continue to work with passion to achieve this.


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