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OGA, on Onda Cero's 'Andalucía Capital' program

25 July, 2023

Juan Carlos Rubio, CEO of OGA, participated in the program presented by Diego García Cabello, in which Rafael Alcaide, territorial director of Vodafone in Andalusia, was also present.

OGA was one of the companies featured in the latest edition of the season of ‘Andalucía Capital’, a program on Andalusian economic news broadcast on Onda Cero, in which Diego García Cabello, , presenter of this program, interviewed Juan Carlos Rubio, CEO of OGA, and Rafael Alcaide, territorial director of Vodafone in Andalusia.

On the Onda Cero program, focused on the digital and technological transformation of Andalusia, OGA was highlighted as an Andalusian success story and a reference in Europe in its sector, thanks to its data-driven solutions and its commitment to strengthening links between academia and business through the CÁTEDRA Group, its Technological Advisory Board.

OGA helps companies improve their results by optimizing processes.

OGA’s solutions focus on process optimization for companies, generating value from the data they themselves generate, in order to make better decisions.

In this regard, Juan Carlos Rubio referred on Onda Cero to some of OGA’s recent success stories based on these solutions, highlighting Coca-Cola Europacific Partners, for which a logistics digital twin has been created; Heineken, with which they are working on improving their production process; Acerinox, for which they have managed to save more than 2% of electricity; or Bidafarma, which has managed to save more than 5% in its logistics cost.

He also highlighted the recent strategic alliance between OGA and Lantania Aguas to develop and commercialize innovative solutions for the optimization of industrial processes in the integral water cycle (‘Lantania and OGA will apply artificial intelligence and operations research to water management’), emphasizing its positive contribution to the environment and its example of a sustainable project in the current context of drought.

OGA fosters the link between academia and business

The generation and retention of talent in the technological and digital fields was another of the points addressed in the program. In this context, Juan Carlos Rubio stressed the importance of contributing with training actions from companies. Also noteworthy is the key role of the CÁTEDRA Group, the company’s Technological Advisory Board, both for OGA and for the sector, in terms of talent and transfer, materialized in this case, in the celebration of the II CÁTEDRA Group Congress, which brought together 13 experts of international impact in Artificial Intelligence and Operations Research in an internal event together with the OGA team on June 29 and 30, 2023 in Seville. Undoubtedly, a scenario of great value through which the generation and validation of knowledge, as well as technology transfer between academia and business has been structured in a collaborative way. To listen to this edition of ‘Andalucía Capital’ of Onda Cero, you have available the complete program in this link. este enlace.


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