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OGA collects 400 kg of food for the Seville Food Bank Foundation.

February 14, 2024

Like every year, OGA reveals its most solidary side with the ‘OGA Kilo Operation’, an initiative in collaboration with the Seville Food Bank Foundation.

OGA in its effort to contribute to the welfare of the local community in Seville, has managed to collect 400 kg of food for the Seville Food Bank Foundation. This collaboration has the primary objective of supporting those people in a situation of food vulnerability in the province.

As in OGA’s Kilo Operation 2023, employees have shown their solidarity by actively participating in this initiative, contributing a total of 200 kg of food. Once again, the company has matched this generous contribution, duplicating the impact of its team.

This solidarity action reflects OGA’s commitment to making a positive difference in society through initiatives that go beyond its professional scope: creating solutions in artificial intelligence, operational research and based on the hybridization of both techniques. The company is proud to support local organizations such as the Seville Food Bank Foundation, whose work is essential to ensure access to basic foodstuffs for those who need them most.

Seville Food Bank Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to collecting food goods and redistributing them to people at risk of social exclusion. Its work involves a network of committed volunteers who work to combat hunger and food wastage in the Sevillian community.


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