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OGA, at the ‘Conference on Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence in Defence and Security. Needs and Solutions’

21 May 2024

Juan Carlos Rubio, CEO of OGA, was a speaker at the round table on artificial intelligence (AI) and defence.

OGA participated in the ‘Conference on Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence in Defence and Security. Needs and Solutions’, an event that brought together experts and leaders in each of the aforementioned areas in three round tables.

The session, which took place on the morning of 21 May at the Centro Superior de Estudios de la Defensa Nacional (CESEDEN), attracted more than 200 people, both in person and online. It analysed the current state of the field of cybersecurity and AI, sharing the points of view of the Armed Forces (FAS) and State Security Forces and Corps (FCSE), as well as examples of solutions offered by companies in the sector, such as OGA, a company at the forefront of digital transformation by harnessing the power of data and the use of AI to boost projects in areas such as logistics and defence.

The day began with a remarkable opening, chaired by the Lieutenant General Director of CESEDEN, Miguel Ballenilla, and the President of the Fundación Círculo de Tecnologías para la Defensa y la Seguridad, Félix Pérez Martínez. This was followed by the round table on cybersecurity, focused on exploring challenges and solutions, moderated by Professor Emeritus of the Polytechnic University of Madrid, Gonzalo León Serrano.

“Having the ability to combine data from different sources is something that at the level of data integration allows us to anticipate and build useful information for defence”. – Juan Carlos Rubio, CEO of OGA.

Cristina García Santamaría, CEO of Comunicamos con Sentido, moderated the window on artificial intelligence. In it, Juan Carlos Rubio spoke, among other topics, about how to improve operational efficiency and decision-making through the application of the digital twin in critical processes in the field of defence, for which he based himself on the case of OGA.

He was joined by other experts, such as Rosalía Machín Prieto (Ministry of the Interior), Víctor Tarazaga Barbado (Ministry of the Interior), Fernando Rubio Román (Microsoft Spain), Orlando Avila García (ARQUIMEA), Joaquín Fernández Perles (SAES) and Igor Lukic Nikolic (CSA).

“In the defence field, we have developed technology to combine critical processes, such as the identification of operational organisations in the field of signal identification”. – Juan Carlos Rubio, CEO of OGA.

Finally, the round table on applications of artificial intelligence in cybersecurity was held. Colonel Alfonso Vicente López Soriano, head of the Department of Digital Transformation of the General Staff of the Air and Space Army, moderated this session, highlighting specific applications of AI in cybersecurity.

From OGA, we would like to thank the organising parties and the speakers for holding the ‘Conference on Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence in Defence and Security. Needs and Solutions’, an enriching meeting point that we are proud to have been part of, contributing to the advancement in the use of AI applied to defence and cybersecurity.

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