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OGA and FEIQUE held the webinar ‘Disruption in chemical processes through data science. Solving real problems in the sector’

15 May 2024

OGA presents its oga.Factory and oga.Logistics solutions, and announces the commercial launch of oga.Alchemy to FEIQUE partners.

OGA, in collaboration with the Spanish Chemical Industry Business Federation (Federación Empresarial de la Industria Química Española, FEIQUE), held the webinar ‘Disruption in chemical processes through data science. Solving real problems in the sector’, which with more than 150 registered participants, was aimed at professionals in the chemical industry and in which oga.Alchemy, a disruptive solution for the chemical sector based on the automation and optimisation of complex formulations, was presented for the first time.

“Thanks to the data science applied in oga.Alchemy, we can obtain in a matter of seconds the exact composition of raw materials in analysed samples” – Juan Carlos Rubio, CEO of OGA.

The session, led by Juan Carlos Rubio, CEO of OGA, offered a visual of the organisation with the main milestones of OGA, sectors of action, as well as its value proposition, based on the optimisation of complex processes of public and private entities from the development and application of artificial intelligence models and operational research to obtain greater efficiency, cost savings and risk mitigation.

High impact solutions in the chemical industry.

Juan Carlos Rubio explained to the webinar attendees some of the high impact solutions for the chemical industry developed by OGA. Firstly, oga.Logistics, a digital twin of the logistics and production flows that allows to generate savings and efficiencies in the supply chain, exposing the success case of Coca-Cola Europacific Partners, a client with which OGA has been working for years achieving high level impacts.

The second solution presented was oga.Factory, which stands out especially for the use of artificial intelligence for the optimisation and automation of complex production processes, sharing in this case the success obtained with Acerinox, a company dedicated to intensive production and which, thanks to oga.Factory, has reduced its use of electrical energy by 2.5%, which represents a saving of millions of euros and an advance in sustainability.

oga.Alchemy, OGA’s solution to revolutionise the chemical industry that optimises formulations in seconds.

As part of the company’s strategic commitment and in response to the demand for solutions from the chemical industry, OGA has developed and presented to the webinar attendees oga.Alchemy, an innovative solution developed by experts in operational research, which optimises and identifies in real time the exact chemical formulation of the basic components of a given sample being analysed.

oga.Alchemy will launch its first commercial version in mid-June, offering fast, accurate and powerful modelling, automation and optimisation of complex formulations for the chemical, cosmetics, food, pharmaceutical and other markets.

Knowledge transfer: CÁTEDRA Group

Juan Carlos Rubio explained during the session the direct relationship that OGA has with the university and research environment, materialised in the CÁTEDRA Group as the company’s Technology Advisory Board.

This strategic axis, based on the transfer of technology and knowledge between academia and business, was created in 2022 and is made up of 13 professors from 11 universities with high international impact in computer science, data structure, design and analysis of algorithms, optimisation of economic and business processes, bioinformatics, metaheuristic procedures, reliable artificial intelligence and simulation models, among other specialities and techniques.

“The University-Business knowledge transfer guaranteed by the CÁTEDRA Group ensures the positive impact of artificial intelligence and operational research on the market, analysing it to obtain conclusions that allow it to evolve” – Juan Carlos Rubio, CEO of OGA.

The webinar ended with an interesting round of questions from the audience that were answered by both Juan Carlos Rubio and oga.Alchemy’s functional expert, Ramón Bouza Deaño, PhD in Analytical Chemistry, Vice-Dean of the Colegio de Químicos del Sur and Vice-President of the Asociación de Químicos de Andalucía. Without a doubt, it has been a complete session that has revealed the interest that these solutions awaken among the professionals of the chemical industry.

We would like to thank all the attendees for the great interest shown in oga.Alchemy and the rest of OGA’s solutions.

We would also like to thank the Spanish Chemical Industry Federation for this opportunity to exchange concerns and solutions with experts from the chemical industry.