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Committed to the
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Since its foundation, in its business model and in its company model, OGA has assumed and developed its inalienable responsibility to the society in which we operate.

As part of the economic and social ecosystem, private companies must decisively and protagonistically face this challenge and ensure that within their own sustainability, we contribute to our society and our environment from all the fronts in which we develop our activity, both in our internal operation, company model, structure and relationships with employees and suppliers, as well as in our business model, the technology we develop and our value proposition to the market.

OGA subscribed in 2017 to the United Nations Global Compact, which defines and ensures compliance with the 2030 Agenda, the strategic plan promoted by the UN, and approved by 193 countries, whose great axis is to achieve a prosperity that respects the planet and its inhabitants, which allows eradicating extreme poverty and reducing inequalities, articulated from the identification of a list of 17 Sustainable Development Goals in which all private companies and public institutions must commit to ensure a better and sustainable world and society.

Since then, OGA has not only annually revalidated its status as a Signatory Partner, but also, by combining its modus operandi and its creations, which natively integrate these Sustainable Development Goals, has a positive impact on 14 of the 17 goals (Climate Action; Affordable and Clean Energy; Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure; Sustainable Cities and Communities; Clean Water and Sanitation, etc.).

How OGA contributes to the SDGs through our activity.

Specifically, OGA is actively contributing to many of the SDGs through its activity, its solutions and products and its technological creation. At OGA we develop automation, optimization, prediction and prescription solutions that transform and optimize critical business processes in different sectors such as logistics, industry, retail or healthcare, and we do so from emerging and disruptive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Operations Research.

From each and every one of these digital products that we develop and market we are providing our customers with advanced tools with which we manage to reduce the consumption of electricity, fossil fuels or raw materials, reduce operating times, the resources needed for production, ensure fairer social benefits, more efficient, that bring welfare and improve the assistance and quality of life of citizens, and that in the case of solutions with social impact guarantee a fair, unbiased and traceable application of the internal processes of these solutions, from the observation of the highest ethical standards in the development of these solutions.

Sustainability-focused innovations that we carry out at OGA.

Within the portfolio of digital solutions developed and marketed by OGA, the focus on sustainability is one of the main levers from which we bring value to our customers.

oga.Logistics, the digital twin of the operational planning of large logistics operations, which is automating and optimizing the day-to-day operations of transport and distribution of top-level multinationals, is helping to reduce fuel consumption and pollutant emissions of these large organizations so intensive and with so much impact, while we build more efficient operating models in resources, working times, and profitability of their processes.

oga.Factory, a solution for optimizing complex industrial manufacturing processes, framed in the Industry 4.0 solutions ecosystem, is contributing daily to a drastic reduction in energy consumption in large industrial corporations with very high electricity consumption, such as the steel industry, or significantly reducing the scrap in manufacturing processes of multinationals in sectors such as food and beverages or chemicals.

Another solution that has a relevant impact on sustainability is oga.Retail, with which we reduce the costs and resources dedicated to reverse logistics and cross logistics of large retailers, dynamically optimizing, on a daily basis, the minimum stock required for each of the thousands of possible references in each of their points of sale.

These, along with the rest of the solutions in our portfolio, developed entirely by the OGA team from the application of disruptive techniques such as Artificial Intelligence or Operational Research, define a new paradigm of advanced digitalization that enable new operating models, new production models, or very relevant transformations on existing models, which undoubtedly transform the reality in which our customers operate, and always combining operational results, efficiency and profitability with an improvement in the sustainability of their operations, contributing significantly to these global strategic objectives.

How we drive the emerging market for disruptive technologies.

With all the humility, but also with all the responsibility that this implies, our organizational model also clearly assumes our role of protagonism and leadership in the impulse that we must give to the market of disruptive technologies in which we operate.

From continuous training, the firm commitment to attract and retain the best specialized talent, collaboration agreements with research centers of national and international universities, from training agreements with public agencies, and from a proven experience in knowledge transfer initiatives between academia and private industry with R & D projects involving end customers who validate our technology, at OGA we play a role that we consider nuclear to strengthen the decisive role of social and economic transformation that emerging technologies such as those that form the basis of our developments, Artificial Intelligence and Operations Research, should and must play in shaping the economy and society of the future that we must bequeath to the next generations.

Being pioneers in many of these areas, and from a role of continuous exploration, research, creation and investment, and again with humility and from the utmost respect and recognition to all those who previously created the tools, spaces and scenarios that make it possible, we are aware that we are building the foundations of the future from the application of these technologies, and therefore, we must also work to ensure maximum security, sustainability, and confidence of all in this new scenario. We do not shy away from this responsibility, and we work continuously to develop it and make it part of the standards and best practices of these new tools, as is the case of the ethical audit of algorithms to which we self-impose all our predictive or prescriptive developments that have the slightest social impact.

It is a pleasure, and also a great responsibility that we assume with absolute commitment, to participate alongside the coordinating team of the Global Pact in this initiative to disseminate and raise awareness of the role and leadership that Spanish technology companies must assume in the commitment to create innovation on emerging technologies that contribute to these Sustainable Development Goals and ultimately, to take care of our planet and our society, an inalienable global commitment in which we encourage all public and private organizations to join and contribute gradually, among all.

It is very important, it is very necessary, and with everyone’s help and collaboration, it is possible.

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